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Always Put Yourself First! Seriously!

It’s time to stop, take a step back and really think about what is right for you right now.

Not what’s right for your family, or what is right for in you 6 months’ time, but what is right for you, today.

It might sound odd, it might sound selfish, but it’s the secret many of you have been looking for, and here’s why.

silhouette of office building at dusk, with 1st in red neon lights

1. As we think about Returning to Work, we often start to over-complicate matters. What about this, and what if that? But it’s a simple fact that 85% of what we worry about never actually happens. Thinking about what is right for you today gives you the focus to get past most road-blocks before you’ve even realised they are there.

2. It gives you clarity. Just this week I was speaking to a Tribe member about their priorities and they listed a dozen different things, from money to happiness to location. Once we had narrowed down on what was right for them today, it quickly highlighted their number 1 priority, which gave them direction and a renewed sense of purpose.

3. A clear focus and a sense of purpose will relieve any pressure that you may be feeling. This, in turn, will lead to action and, as I keep saying, action creates motivation (not the other way around). That action will help you, and others around you, feel like you are making progress. Which will help relieve more pressure and create more motivation.

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4. You will learn to adapt quickly and easily to any situation. All you have to do is keep asking yourself “what’s the best thing for me to do?” Every time a roadblock pops up, or curveball comes flying your way, ask “what’s best for me?”. You’ll quickly be hurdling those road blocks and returning those curveballs with interest.

5. This is your journey, so it should be all about you. Yes, you have other people you need to consider, and you have to recognise that, occasionally, what’s right for you is not upsetting your partner or ignoring your kids. But only occasionally. You are the star of your show, so act like it.

By helping others put themselves first, I have seen countless examples of how this has helped people become happier, more content, and secure better roles than when they were putting themselves last. And, as people become happier, more satisfied and more in control, they also become happier partners, calmer and more creative parents and more understanding friends.

So do what’s right for you, your family and your career, and put yourself first. Everytime.

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