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Can't be bothered today? Me too.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

We all have days like this, where we wake up and feel like we can't be bothered. The kind of day where even the most straightforward of tasks are put off far too easily, where suddenly social media and solitaire become a lot more appealing.

If you're like me, it's fun for about 15 minutes, and then it becomes irritating. Instead of feeling better about the day, you slowly become more and more fed up. Even more so if you feel like you have a mountain to climb or a seemingly impossible goal to chase that seems to slip further and further away with every episode of 'Welcome to Wrexham'.

fed-up pug lying on floor

So how do you deal with days like this, and how do you ensure they don't become a common occurrence? Here are some of the ways I've learned over the years to turn a can't-be-bothered kind of day into a useful and productive one.

1. Be kind to yourself. Days like this happen, and it's absolutely fine, on occasion, to spend a couple of hours doing nothing. Sometimes this is your body telling you it needs a rest, so be kind to yourself and rest. Give yourself space to just be.

Set a deadline, and say, "I'm gonna sit around and be fed-up until 10.30, and then I'm going to get on with the day". That doesn't mean you are gonna stop being fed up; you're just not going to sit around anymore.

2. Understand that motivation is generated by you; it's generated by action. It won't just appear by itself, but you'll be surprised by how quickly you find it if you start working towards your goal, so...

3. Break down the big scary task. Days like today often happen because we don't want to face the mammoth tasks we need to do. So break them down into bite-size chunks that are much easier to digest, and on days like today, break them into even smaller pieces. For example, instead of 'write CV', break this down into 'write employment history' and 'write personal profile', and breaking them down further into 'write last job' and 'pick out keywords for personal profile'.

ariel shot of road winding through forest

4. Do the easiest tasks first. You can't complete a hill start in 5th gear, so why start your day with the most challenging parts of the task? Instead, pick the 2-3 easiest or most enjoyable chunks and approach the trickier bits with some momentum. Combine tips three and four, and you'll soon be cruising.

5. Get moving. We get lethargic if we sit for too long, so get moving. It could be a short walk around the block, an online pilates class, or hanging out the washing (like I did before writing this article). Just don't sit back down again after you've finished.

6. Treat yourself. It can be the simplest of things (I love honey on freshly baked bread), or it can be those new shoes you've been thinking about for a while or taking the dog on your favourite walk. It can be anything, as long as it puts a smile on your face.

Days like this are never easy, and these tips won't necessarily stop you from feeling fed up, but they can help ensure you don't waste a day, and, for me, that is usually enough.

Don't forget - if you are putting off writing that CV, exploring new career options, or even tackling the next Returners' Tribe module, take some action by getting in touch over email, live chat or on the phone. We are here to help.

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