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Forget your dreams, follow your passions!

Take ‘Jo’, for example.

Jo had never heard of Diversity & Inclusion. She didn’t understand the difference between inclusion and belonging, but as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and with a disabled son, she had become genuinely passionate about these topics.

Jo was unaware that there is a growing industry focused on developing and improving the very things that matter to her. Nor she did she know that more and more companies are hiring specialists to help said companies become happier and more inclusive places to work.

That was until she had a 1:1 coaching session and was asked the following questions.

"What aspects of your job do you LOVE doing?"

"What else?"

"What aspects of your life are you particularly passionate about?"

"What else?"

"Why are you Returning to Work? What do you want to achieve?"

"What else?"

It quickly became obvious what Jo’s passions were, and the conversation quickly moved

pencils in all colours of the rainbow

on to a career focused on D&I, and how to write a CV highlighting her skills and experience in the area.

Fast-forward 3 months and Jo has recently started a new job in the D&I team of a large organisation, and is loving it!

I’m another example.

I fell into recruitment when I was 22 with a loose plan of “I’ll do recruitment until I figure my life out”. Except Miranda and I moved to Singapore 6 months later and recruitment was the only marketable skill I had.

15 years later, and after a very successful career in recruitment, I felt unfulfilled.

I wanted to follow my dreams. You know, become a wildlife photographer and travel the world once more, or forget about working altogether and cycle from Cairo to Capetown, but it was my passions that I kept, unconsciously, coming back to.

What I was enjoying most about my role was working people on their Return to Work journey and giving guidance, advice and support.

love heart drawn in sand

Once I realised this, The Returners’ Tribe was developed and launched, and I have not looked back.

What could be more fulfilling than supporting you on your journey? Helping you work out your passions and enabling you to find a career where you get to be both the professional and the parent you want to be?

So, today of all days (Valentine’s Day), put your dreams to one side and put some serious thought into your passions. And keep asking yourself “what else?”

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