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Life Lessons From Nigel.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

So who is Nigel?

On the one hand, he is a dedicated and committed individual who puts his passion above all things.

On the other, he is the chatty drunk on the train that I was ‘unlucky’ enough to sit next to a few days a go.

There was, of course, the internal groan and irritation when he came and sat next to me. I was aiming to get some work done, make a few calls and finish writing the original newsletter, but Nigel had other ideas.

View from window seat of train carriage over misty countryside

He was determined to tell me about his day and week, about the great lengths to which he had gone to get this particular train and the various steps in his journey that would ultimately take him 6 hours to get home.

As politely as I could manage, I listened whilst wondering if it would be too rude to put my earphones in or move to another seat.

But then I began to pay attention.

When I really listened, I realised Nigel has an attitude and an approach to life that many of us could learn from. His dedication to his passion was incredible. It was more important to him than material possessions, money, and even friends and family.

Through his dedication to his passion, he had met other like-minded individuals who had become his family, the people that he felt most comfortable around who also enabled him to pursue his passion 100%.

Dream, Plan, Act on wooden scrabble tiles

Nigel’s job is a means to an end, and he has made uncounted sacrifices in all areas of his life so that he can follow his passion to all four corners of the country, in to Europe and even across to Asia. Nothing stands in between Nigel and his passion.

His passion has become his life, he lives for it and everything he does points to it, which is why he achieves everything he sets out to do related to his passion.

So what is Nigel’s passion? It doesn’t matter.

What matters are the life lessons learned from Nigel:

  1. Determine what you are truly passionate about

  2. Set goals and targets so that the passion becomes your mission

  3. Surround yourself only with people who will enable and support you whole-heartedly on your mission

  4. Devote yourself to it 100%, be unwavering in your commitment

  5. Achieve the supposedly impossible

Whilst this may be oversimplified, this is exactly what the likes of Roger Federer, The Lionesses, Michelle Obama and Jonnie Peacock have done and look at what they have achieved.

And to Nigel, if by some happy circumstance you read this - thank you. I genuinely enjoyed our discussion and found inspiration in your words.

If you would like support in helping to identify and follow your passions, click the link below and join The Returners' Tribe today!

adult and child typing on same computer keyboard

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