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Chrimbo-Limbo? It's Time To Get Organised

It’s Christmas.

Exciting? Stressful? A bit of both?

With 5 sleeps to go, your to-do list is probably getting longer rather than shorter, I know ours is, and the temptation will be to kick all big decisions down the road to the new year.

2 reindeer pulling a sledge in a snowy wood

But do me a favour. Don’t kick these decisions so far away, maybe just as far as the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Lots of people will start thinking about new jobs in January, but if you have taken some time to get organised, then you’ll be applying for jobs, and interviewing, whilst others are still trying to work out what they want to do.

Once you’ve had time to decompress from Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and you’ve waved goodbye to your in-laws, there will be plenty of time in these few days of chrimbo-limbo for you to think.

Think about what is right for you and your family right now. Think about what your priorities will be for the next few months. Think about the kind of job you might like to go back to.

2023 written in the sand

You could use the time to research different roles and companies and work out what kind of career might offer the balance you need to be both the professional and parent you want to be.

You will also have time to talk to your partner, close friends and family about you, your strengths and what you think your next steps might look like.

Start a confidence journal and give your CV a polish so that is ready to go come January.

Whether you do one or all of these things is less important than doing something, and to get you started here is the Priorities Exercise found in Module 1.

Exercise one - your priorities
Download PDF • 197KB

Or if you would like a more personalised approach, book in a coaching session and we can develop a Return to Work plan tailored to you and your circumstances.

Ending this year and starting 2023 on the right foot will put you in a positive and action-orientated head space that will help to get next year off to a flying start.

In the meantime, from all of us here at The Returners' Tribe, we hope you and your families have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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